A/RES/65/247 1. Endorses the conclusions and recommendations contained in the report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions, 5 subject to the provisions of the present resolution and taking into account the provisions of General Assembly resolution 65/248 of 24 December 2010; I Human resources management reform 2. Emphasizes the fundamental importance of human resources management reform in the United Nations as a contribution to the strengthening of the international civil service, recalls, in this context, the reports of the International Civil Service Commission, and reaffirms its commitment to the implementation of these reforms; Reaffirms its support for the integrity and independence of the 3. international civil service; 4. Acknowledges that human resources management must play a central, strategic role in ensuring that the Organization works in an integrated manner; 5. Also acknowledges that human resources management must continuously work to develop an Organization that is responsive and supports a culture of empowerment and performance, allows equal access to career opportunities irrespective of programmes and sources of funding and provides staff members with the chance to learn and grow so that they can reach their greatest potential; Notes the variety of human resources management initiatives that the 6. Organization has undertaken since the adoption by the General Assembly of its resolution 63/250, and recognizes that the continued implementation of the reform initiatives will better equip the Organization to address a variable and demanding environment in which integration and harmonization will provide the basis for longer-term efficiencies in productivity and an improved work environment that will, in turn, better enable the Organization to meet its mandates; Acknowledges the efforts made by the Secretary-General to address some 7. of the issues raised in its resolution 63/250, and encourages him to further intensify his efforts in its implementation; Urges the Secretary-General to ensure that the lessons learned from the 8. implementation of previous reforms are taken into consideration in the formulation of new proposals; Expresses concern over the fact that not all staff representatives have 9. participated in the Staff-Management Coordination Committee, and reiterates its call upon the staff representatives from New York and management to intensify efforts to overcome differences and to engage in a consultative process; 10. Requests the Secretary-General to report regularly on progress in the implementation of ongoing human resources management reform, including on efficiencies and concrete improvements; _______________ 5 2 A/65/537.

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