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Girls' rights platform

Girls' rights are human rights: Positioning girls at the heart of the international agenda

Girls' rights report

An in-depth study of the status of girls in the international human rights framework
Through reviewing over 1,300 international policy documents and identifying existing references to girls and their rights in the international human rights framework, this study considers whether the international community adequately addresses girls’ lived realities in international instruments and makes recommendations to strengthen and advance girls’ rights.

Girls' rights factsheets

Each factsheet explores a particular girls' rights related issue and summarises what activists can do to strengthen them

Girls' rights factsheets

Reservations in international law

Reservations to international treaties are statements in which States can place conditions on their ratification of a treaty. Allowing States to make reservations encourages ratification, but can also weaken the human rights protection of the treaty. Governments should be urged to withdraw their reservations, including those limiting girls’ rights.

Girls' Rights Factsheet

What are girls' rights?

Girls’ rights are human rights. Yet, millions of girls continue to struggle to claim their rights. Rarely are girls mentioned as a specific demographic in international law and where they are, there is a failure to fully reflect the particular barriers they face. In order to remedy this, States, UN Agencies and civil society must identify the realisation of girls’ rights as an objective in itself and attach greater importance to empowering girls throughout their life-cycles.