A/RES/72/90 A-B United Nations General Assembly Distr.: General 14 December 2017 Seventy-second session Agenda item 57 Resolutions adopted by the General Assembly on 7 December 2017 [on the report of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (Fourth Committee) (A/72/451)] 72/90. Questions relating to information A Information in the service of humanity The General Assembly, Taking note of the comprehensive and important report of the Committee on Information, 1 Taking note also of the report of the Secretary-General, 2 Urges all countries, organizations of the United Nations system as a whole and all others concerned, reaffirming their commitment to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and to the principles of freedom of the press and freedom of information, as well as to those of the independence, pluralism and diversity of the media, deeply concerned by the disparities existing between developed and developing countries and the consequences of every kind arising from those disparities that affect the capability of the public, private or other media and individuals in developing countries to disseminate information and communicate their views and their cultural and ethical values through endogenous cultural production, as well as to ensure the diversity of sources and their free access to information, and recognizing the call in this context for what in the United Nations and at various international forums has been termed “a new world information and communication order, seen as an evolving and continuous process”: (a) To cooperate and interact with a view to reducing existing disparit ies in information flows at all levels by increasing assistance for the development of communications infrastructures and capabilities in developing countries, with due __________________ 1 2 17-22120 (E) Official Records of the General Assembly, Seventy-second Session, Supplement No. 21 (A/72/21). A/72/258. 181217 *1722120*

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