A/RES/55/180 B United Nations Distr.: General 17 July 2001 General Assembly Fifty-fifth session Agenda item 138 (b) Resolution adopted by the General Assembly [on the report of the Fifth Committee (A/55/681/Add.1)] 55/180. Financing of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon B1 The General Assembly, Having considered the reports of the Secretary-General on the financing of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon2 and the related reports of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions,3 Bearing in mind Security Council resolution 425 (1978) of 19 March 1978, by which the Council established the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, and the subsequent resolutions by which the Council extended the mandate of the Force, the latest of which was resolution 1337 (2001) of 30 January 2001, Recalling its resolutions S-8/2 of 21 April 1978 on the financing of the Force and its subsequent resolutions thereon, the latest of which was resolution 55/180 A of 19 December 2000, Reaffirming its resolutions 51/233 of 13 June 1997, 52/237 of 26 June 1998, 53/227 of 8 June 1999, 54/267 of 15 June 2000 and 55/180 A, Reaffirming also the general principles underlying the financing of United Nations peacekeeping operations, as stated in General Assembly resolutions 1874 (S-IV) of 27 June 1963, 3101 (XXVIII) of 11 December 1973 and 55/235 of 23 December 2000, Noting with appreciation that voluntary contributions have been made to the Force, Mindful of the fact that it is essential to provide the Force with the necessary financial resources to enable it to fulfil its responsibilities under the relevant resolutions of the Security Council, Concerned that the Secretary-General continues to face difficulties in meeting the obligations of the Force on a current basis, including reimbursement to current and former troop-contributing States, 1 Consequently, resolution 55/180, in section VI of the Official Records of the General Assembly, Fiftyfifth Session, Supplement No. 49 (A/55/49), vol. I, becomes resolution 55/180 A. 2 A/55/482/Add.1 and A/55/757. 3 A/55/874 and A/55/885. See also Official Records of the General Assembly, Fifty-fifth Session, Fifth Committee, 48th meeting (A/C.5/55/SR.48), and corrigendum. 01 41656

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